Introducing Our First MUSKY AI Apps

One of the apps will be a DOGE / NOT DOGE meme detector that uses advanced AI.

The team here at are extremely proud to introduce our first AI-powered tools for meme-monitoring and analysis! They come in the form of TWO AI apps.

The first one: the DOGE / NOT DOGE image classifier. It uses artificial intelligence to detect whether or not an image contains a DOGE or not 🧐 🔍. The amazing AI technology scans the image uploaded by the user and outputs either a “DOGE” or “NOT DOGE” depending on the uploaded image. This state-of-the-art meme-monitoring technology makes it so much easier to detect fake DOGES or copycats. In our preliminary testing, the classifier received an accuracy of ~85%. Bear in mind that the NOT DOGE classifier is still in beta (!). Our team will continue working on perfecting our algorithms to improve classifier accuracy even more.

We thought to ourselves: Not only do we want to help intercept fake memes in the cryptosphere; we would also like to monitor crypto trends. Would it be possible to quantify how much hype there is around Dogecoin, in a simple and concise, easy to interpret but meaningful way? We have done exactly this, and are proud to announce the DOGE Index, a quantitative tool for meme and crypto analysis. The DOGE index crawls and scrapes big data from the internet and summarizes it all into a weighted index which is periodically updated 📈. This allows fans of DOGE to track how much attention and traction the coin is getting. We’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out what this can be used for, we just make the tools! 🤓

Now of course, while it is useful to see $DOGE’s hype index, seeing the trend in relation to other cryptocurrencies might add an extra layer of insight into $DOGE. And of course, while our specialty will always remain on memecoin analysis, we love other cryptocurrencies, too! Thus, we are exploring the idea of adding indexes for other cryptocurrencies in the future.

Both apps will launch on May 6th 2021.

We are absolutely thrilled about the direction of the project! We hope that you find these tools at the very least entertaining or even useful! We can’t wait to continue on this new journey with our awesome community! 👨‍🚀 To the moon 🚀

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Musky is a hybrid meme and AI coin that provides a rugproof liquidity pool, natural meme marketability and AI tools for meme analysis.